Geeqie AppImages

Download an AppImage and make it executable by:

        chmod +x <filename>

The file may be given a simple name e.g.:

        mv <filename> geeqie

Or you may create a symbolic link:

        ln -s <filename> geeqie

Desktop integration

The AppImage may be run simply as an executable, but having a .desktop file will provide better system integration.

The following steps are suggested -

Download the .desktop file and icon:

          wget --directory-prefix $HOME/.local/share/applications/
          wget --directory-prefix $HOME/.local/share/icons/
Create a local binaries folder, and move the AppImage there:
        mkdir $HOME/bin
        mv <appimage_file> $HOME/bin
Create a symbolic link to the latest Geeqie AppImage (this must be amended each time you download a new AppImage):
        ln -sf $HOME/bin/<appimage_file> $HOME/bin/geeqie

These AppImages have been created with Ubuntu 20.04.

Geeqie-v1.6+20210617.AppImage Sigma .x3f files
Geeqie-v1.6+20210614.AppImage Canon .cr3 files